Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary


Wow! I cannot believe we have already been married a year! Where does time go?! One year ago today I married the man of my dreams! I still cannot believe we are really married haha! I am truly the most blessed girl in the world. I never knew I could love someone so much and continue to love them more and more each day. Haha I am pretty sure I will always be giddy and in "the honeymoon phase" with Andrew!

Before we got married we would hear people tell us that their first year was really hard and full of challenging lessons or absolutely amazing...well we are blessed to say that our first year has been nothing apart from amazing! It has been a wonderful year of growing closer to one another, learning about each other and ourselves and learning more and more about living selflessly and falling more and more in love with each other!

For our anniversary we were able to get away for the weekend. We spent the weekend at Ocean Isle Beach! It was such a fun time to get away and just spend time with one another. Today on our way home we kept talking about what we were doing last year at that time leading up to our wedding ceremony. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday and other times it seems like we have been married forever! We also were talking about what our favorite thing about being married was and we both said that the companionship is one of our favorite parts about being married. It is so wonderful to come home from work to one another, go to bed together, and wake up with one another! Of course loving and being loved by each other so deeply is our favorite as well but that is a given :)

We look forward to many many many more years together and adventures along the way!

Happy 1st Anniversary Andrew, I love you like crazy!

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